Slug Christ Discusses His Latest Album

Slug Christ’s been in the game for a while.

Awful Records’ multi-genre vocalist and producer has kept himself relevant solely by keeping true to himself throughout all his musical endeavors. On his latest album, Judas’ Betrayal and the Three Day Burial of a Salted Slug, Slug Christ shies away from hip-hop to deliver a body of work that is so raw and honest, even the harshest of critics would have to give him his credit.

The album’s inaugural track “Feel Saner” is a powerful introduction that leads you into Slug’s mind. He’s vulnerable in a way that invites listeners to share and feel, even the slightest bit, his pain. There’s nothing like this that you’ve heard before, and I mean that in the most respectful and appreciative of ways.

Listen to Judas’ Betrayal and the Three Day Burial of a Salted Slug today, and read our Q&A below!

Tamara: What’s one thing you want listeners to take away from your latest album?
Slug Christ: People have been saying the album is really emotional which is consequential of a few very sad and troubling events from the last few years like the death of my mother and a few really close friends. It’s been a very tough couple of years and there was just no way the music wasn’t going to reflect that

T: What was the writing process like for this release?
SC: Well some of these songs are a couple years old. I just sit inside my room for weeks on end constantly making songs and when I’d make a really fye ass record I’d throw the file in the Judas folder and just sit on it. So it basically a collection of my fav 11 tracks I’ve made over the last couple of years

T: What does releasing this album mean to you versus your previous releases?
SC: This album isn’t as hip hop based as a few of my other releases and I think it better reflects my past musical career as well as my current one, a sort of culmination of all the different types of music. I’ve made from metal to rap to shoegaze.

T: What song of yours best describes you at this moment in time, and why?
SC: I think “Said My Name” best reflects where I’m at right now not just in the sense of its lyrical content but also the vibes of the musical composition, mainly the instrumental second half.

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