Listen to Sleepy Boy’s Latest Release, ‘Chat Roulette’

Meet Sleepy Boy: the underground genre-defying Massachusetts rapper.

Following his tape No Such Thing, Sleepy Boy has released a multi-genre album with production from 16-year-old, Caliph and more. Get to know the mystery boy a little better below, and listen to “chat roulette” today on Soundcloud!

Tell me a little bit about Sleepy Boy. Who is he?

When I was six my rap name was “Lil J,” then when I started rapping frequently around age 14 or 15, it changed to Jay Bird, then it became Bird. Then I started calling my group “Sleepy Boys,” then I started calling myself “sleepyboybird,” and finally I’ve arrived at “Sleepy Boy.” Sleepy Boy sits well with me because it makes sense for who I am. I’m a sleepy boy. Who is Sleepy Boy? A stoned ape. Trying to find answers. Trying to find the right questions. I’m interested in life – let’s get it .

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it?

Wavi, introspective, dark, sometimes hopeful, honest and melodic.

How did you get into making music?

I’ve always loved music and performing. When I was like six, me and my little brother Evan would dance to the backstreet boys for our family when we all got together. When Garageband and YouTube came around I just started downloading beats and recording .

What influences have helped shape your sound?

Kid Cudi, Bones, Lucki, Shoreline Mafia, Xavier Wulf, Lil Peep. Famous Dex is a new inspiration for me because his energy is so positive and I’m trying to indulge more in positivity.

I like that your record “Chat Roulette” has a lot of different styles of music. What made you want to go that route?

I recorded my newest tape Chat Roulette in like two months I think. At this point I started really getting into Shoreline Mafia and also started feeling more positive overall than I have in the past – my first two tapes (BiRD vs. Evil & No Such Thing) are significantly darker than Chat Roulette. So, bumping Shoreline Mafia heavily, mixed with feeling a bit happier, made me wanna make music that you could play at a party. Also – while recording the tape I was getting fucked up – either alone, with someone who was recording with me, or with friends at my house who were in a different room drinking/coming into where I was recording and chilling for a bit, then going back to the other people in the other room. So there were times where a little party was happening in the other room while I was also getting fucked up making music, and I would also occasionally join the party. It changed the vibe of the recording process. It’s fun.

Check out Sleepy Boy on Soundcloud here.

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