Redefining a Rockstar: An Interview with Tyla Yaweh

I met up with the Florida rapper/rockstar at the “Not A Cult” tour supporting SAINt Jhn at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We talked about his rockstar influences, love for magic and what it takes to be Tyla Yaweh fan.

Listen to his latest track “Gemini” on Spotify above and check out our interview below.

Tamara: Tell me a little bit about you, where’d you grow up and how’d you get into music?
Tyla Yaweh: I’m from Orlando, FL. I’m from a small town. I used to be in a boy band but I started off in a little independent label in high school. They used to let me record at the studio all the time, and then I gained a fan base and we did this thing were I did a music video and I put a radio stations’s number at the end of the video and told everybody to request the song “Alone.” You can’t find that shit, that shits gone. I took everything down so you cant even find it. Everybody was requesting it in my high school and it ended up on the radio. That was a cool thing for me just starting my career off. I just worked the internet, always did random shit to figure out how to get myself out there, and then I just grew with it, started selling CDs, doing all the little things you do, the stepping stones to get up to being an artist. I started doing shows with Dopey and T later (the owners of Rolling Loud) after being out of the boy band. They put me on every show, from up and down Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami. Every weekend I was opening up for a big artist so it helped me get a presence. Thats when Wifisfuneral and XXX and Ski Mask were all getting on. It’s cool to be a part of that whole wave. Now I’m here, I’m with Dre London who is Post Malone’s manager.

So how would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?
It’s a fresh breath of air. It’s Yaweh.

How did you and SAINt Jhn link up for the tour?
We have the same agent. She was like “Yo, you guys gotta meet. You guys legit have the same vibe”

She’s smart.
She’s super smart. Shout out to Cheryl. She introduced us at this party that my manager was throwing and we vibed out. We were the flyest n***** in the fucking whole place. All the girls were coming up to us. We really vibed out at Coachella, that’s when we was being ignorant as fuck being real rockstars.

You guys definitely look like rockstars. Where do you get that from?
Well I grew up listening to hella rock music. From the Sex Pistols to The Ramones, The Doors, Green Day, Panic, The Youth, Fall Out Boy, Hawthorn Heights, that kinda thing. I can just name hella bands. From 2nd grade to 3rd grade I was making my older sister get me every CD possible for Christmas. I wanted a guitar, I wanted to be a rockstar. That’s what I always wanted to be so I studied that shit to the point where I guess I ended up being on.

What’s your dream collaboration?
Well I wish I could do a song with Jim Morrison, but that can’t happen. Green Day would be fire. That would be so hard. Green Day is lit.

Describe the Tyla Yaweh fan. Who do you make music for?
I make music for people who know how to express themselves however they want, whenever they want, their emotions, what they’re going through and how they’re living their lives, do what you want. Fuck the rules you feel? There are no rules to living.

Whats something people don’t know about you?
I always wanted to do magic.

Have you tried?
Yeah! I actually did.

What can you do?
You know the corny magic, the fake levitation, making cards levitate with the fake levitation string. I used to go out and make my parents buy me that shit online. Watching Chris Angel and David Blaine and all of them motherfuckers.

That David Blaine shit when he makes the nails go through his hand, have you seen that?
Oh yeah they’re some fucking weirdos.

Can you explain that kind of magic?
Yeah it’s called uhhh black magic. It’s called demon magic.

Got you. One more question, what song of yours best describes where you’re at in life right now?
I have a song that’s not out yet that kinda describes me little bit. It’s called “Chosen.” I feel like I was the one for the world to push people to that next level that no one’s doing in music right now. We need that person we can go to and feel inspired by, like all the greats like Michael Jackson, James Brown, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin. All the people who just pushed the world and wasn’t scared. No fear. Chosen. You feel me?

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