MICHELLE Takes Debut Project HEATWAVE Beyond the Bedroom

NYC-based pop project MICHELLE is redefining the indie and DIY scene with its debut release HEATWAVE. Dropped in September, the project comes down off a summer high just in time to keep you ~warm through the winter.~

The femme-forward group consists of 9 members whose roles continue to evolve as they each explore their talents in production, songwriting, and performance. Aesthetically, they could be described as a sort of Spice Girls-meets-Brockhampton, and they might even be structurally comparable to Wu-Tang, as well. HEATWAVE has been described by MICHELLE member Rix as “hifi pop r&b”, but the group’s wild dynamism makes weary the early listener of any attempts at generic self-identification.

The collective never passes up an opportunity to let us know what it means to them to take up space and claim a strong underground presence. MICHELLE is determined to make their voices heard, having already put on a sold out show, at Brooklyn Bazaar on Black Friday promoted by Invertebrate Music.

Be sure to keep eyes on what’s next from MICHELLE, and stream HEATWAVE, available now on Spotify.


HEATWAVE, an album by MICHELLE on Spotify



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