Harlem Rapper S’natra Drops Calls and Sends a Message on “Too Busy”

Too Busy

Too Busy, a song by S’natra on Spotify

S’natra is “Too Busy” for industry BS, as he makes clear in his latest single, “Too Busy”.  This is the first track we’re getting straight from S’natra since his May-released debut album, Subject to Change.

During the melodious intro, he sings “It can be yours if you want it”, motivating the listener to make their own moves. The emerging Harlem rapper boasts his own successes so far, but is ready to challenge any who might try to use him to boost their own careers: “Don’t hit me up for no exposure, y’all the reason we ain’t getting closer.” The track sends a pressing message— a warning to anyone who dares distract him from getting to the bag.

S’natra makes very clear through his bars that he’s not letting anyone or anything slow his grind on “Too Busy”, available now on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and more.

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