Drippin So Pretty Changes Up His Style in New Song “how it go”

how it go (prod.yngmojio) by drippin so pretty

mixed by atl smook

Drippin So Pretty has been releasing a hefty amount of new music & visuals recently and is still slept on by many people.

This new yngmojio produced record reveals his past and the older style of music when he first started releasing tracks. I have a hunch that this song is years old and he is unloading it right now because the timing is right.

He uses lyrics like “I’m depressed but I cut the check” and “All this pain baby I’m so numb”. His music, like others, is a way to release these everyday thoughts and stressors weighing on his shoulders. Regardless of this, the music and visuals he releases definitely puts me in a good mood after listening.

Check out the track on Soundcloud above!


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