“No Intro” Needed for Lancey Foux: Here’s One Anyway

Lancey Foux bends the rules as he pleases, combining grime influences and across-the-pond American elements to create something much more new than not.

On the surface, his adlibs and vocals could cause him to be swept into the monolith of modern trap music but Lancey’s gruff, East London inflections manage to set him apart from peers within the genre. We could unpack that my Anglophilic lizard brain might think a British accent alone is cool enough to break the monotony of the current soundscape, but do we have to? It has to be made clear that London’s Lancey Foux is super talented. He does an excellent job of incorporating all the right popular ingredients to cook up his own authentic sound: a Thugger-esque growl here, a Yachty-like, for-the-kids sentiment there, and a Skepta or AJ Tracey feature just to bring things ‘round home.

One of the coolest things about Lancey Foux is that even beyond the music he seeks to create a positivity surrounding his image that invites all to enjoy his art. In an interview with The Fader, he noted, “I wanna give people hope….to be a reason for someone doing something good and not going astray, that’s probably what I want the most.” This inclusive and genuine approach is just part of what makes Lancey Foux special.

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