Producer BILL$UP Looks to Continue Hot Streak Into 2019

Producing songs for Chxpo, Hardo, Ponce De’Leioun as well as others, Bill$up has burst onto the underground scene over the last year. 2018 has been one of his busiest years as a producer yet. Bill$Up opened the year by producing multiple songs for Pittsburgh artist Pet Zebra, the most notable song being, ‘Vanilla’ which has hit over 3 Million views on YouTube.

As mentioned, Bill$up also linked with Chxpo when the Bxnd God was in Pennsylvania for a show. Bill$up made 3 songs with Chxpo, including released single, ‘Could Never Be Love,’ which has hit nearly 100k plays on SoundCloud. In addition to this, he also produced two songs featuring Chxpo and Philly artist HEADBANNED. One of those tracks, ‘Passion’ has been released and can be heard here: ‘PASSION x CHXPO’

Arguably, Bill$up’s biggest ties are to the Pittsburgh underground scene, producing for big names like Hardo, as well as up and coming talent such as PK Delay and Pet Zebra, both of which released multiple tracks produced by the Erie, PA native.

For 2019, Bill$up plans to increase his influence in the Manhattan-area, which is where he spent most of his early 2018 executively producing projects for Pet Zebra and HEADBANNED. Bill$up plans to work with more underground artists from New York as well as maintain his position as one of the best up and coming producers in Pennsylvania.  Recently, Bill$up executively produced Aaron Rennel’s newest album ‘Star 67,’ which was released under a partnership with label EMPIRE records on 12/31.

I was able to sit and talk with Bill$up, and he said that he “plans to executively produce two more tapes that will be releasing in the month of February,” as well as some other songs that he has been working on.

You can listen to tracks produced by Bill$up on his SoundCloud.


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