“Freewave 3” – Lucki (Album)

Chicago musician Lucki has just released his highly-anticipated album “Freewave 3”, after having teased the project for an extended period of time. This 15-track album is filled with the nonchalant, often slurred rapping style Lucki has become most well-known known for. Thick 808 lines and constant hi-hat motion, combined with Lucki’s subdued vocals, offer an interesting contrast not found in any other artists.

Lucki speaks to his fans alone for the duration of “Freewave 3”, and this proves that he does not necessarily need additional features to boost the popularity of his music. However, there is heavy influence from producer ChaseTheMoney over a large portion of the album, and prolific recording artist Earl Sweatshirt is credited with production credits on one track labeled “All In” At just under two minutes in length, “All In” is a very brief example of what Sweatshirt has to offer as a producer, but the song is a vital part of the project as a whole.

In support of “Freewave 3” releasing today, Lucki will be embarking on the Interstellar Tour with fellow rapper thouxanbanfauni, starting February 15th and lasting until April 6th. Lucki’s new project “Freewave 3” is available to stream on all platforms now, and when the Interstellar Tour touches down in your city, definitely make sure that you’re there to see it.

You can listen to Freewave 3 on Apple Music HERE

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