North Charleston artist, Lil Turbo, is back with his new tape ‘Rack Racer.‘ The tape, which was released on SoundCloud, features six tracks, each with their own vibe, yet the tape is very cohesive.

Lil Turbo opens the tape flawlessly with ‘Idek’ (Prod. Yung Star, Ashy Prophet, Kash Cloud) rapping over a fast, hard hitting beat, showing us that he truly might be the rookie of the year. The transition into the rest of the tape is great, featuring songs like ‘Main Event,’ ‘Don’t Name My Number,’ ‘Betty Boo,’ and ‘Inna Trap,’ produced by the likes of Shiro & Lukrative, Falsecut, Shoki, and Geeohhs, respectively.

The last song of the tape, ‘Killswitch,’ is arguably the hardest. Produced by FadedBlackid, Lil Turbo gets to the racks, showing versatility not only in his lyrics but with his flows as well. The song is the perfect closer for his second tape in two weeks. His last tape, Turbo Bieber can be found on his SoundCloud as well.

Check out Lil Turbo on Instagram & Twitter @GoLilTurbo

Rack Racer by Lil Turbo

Rack Racer Ep by Lil Turbo Mixed & Mastered by Mark Carson & Alex Hooper

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