“Lowkey” – $teven Cannon (Project)

Less than a week removed from his 24th birthday, Xanarchy member Steven Cannon dropped a brand new project titled “Lowkey”. This 10 song tape is essentially a wake up call for those who have been sleeping on Cannon lately, and serves as a reminder to why he is championed so often within the underground rap community.

Speaker-bursting bass hits and catchy hooks give a large majority of “Lowkey” a similar sound to Cannon’s previous work. Bangers like “Everyday”, “I Might”, “Flipped” and “Mansion” all have the potential to become the same kind of iconic trap hits which Cannon has become most recognized for. However, on top of these staple tracks, there are also a number of songs that display Cannon’s versatility as a musician. Impressive lyricism and clean vocals appear on tracks like “Pull Up Music”, “$oldier”, and “Lo$t”, and are effective in showcasing Cannon as a multi-talented artist. The features on ”Lowkey” include fellow Xanachy members Lil Xan and Aris Ray, as well as musicians Arin Ray and Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

Lowkey” is available for listening all streaming platforms, so make sure to head over to your favorite music app and press play on $teven Cannon’s newest release when you get a chance!


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