“Fishtank” – Lil Xelly ft. SICKBOIRARI (Music Video)

Rapper Lil Xelly recently put forward a new music video for his popular song “Fishtank”. Known by many as one of the hardest working rappers on Soundcloud, Lil Xelly is someone who provides his audience with what seems like a never-ending stream of high quality music.

On ”Fishtank”, the Rockville native uses aggression to convey his bars in an attempt to supplement the track’s head-banging production. Featured artist SICKBOIRARI delivers an equally potent verse on the song, however his tone of voice is noticeably more subdued than Xelly’s. This contrast between assertiveness and the somewhat restrained delivery by SICKBOIRARI on “Fishtank”, is one of the main reason as to why this track has been so successful. The music video for “Fishtank” is a direct reflection of the chaotic and charismatic energy that Xelly and SICKBOIRARI produce throughout the single. The constant chopping and splicing of frames during the video, and various visual effects that were added, keep viewers on their toes for the duration.

You can find Lil Xelly and SICKBOIRARI’s new music video through the link below.


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