TURBO BIEBER 2: Popstar Lifestyle EP – Lil Turbo

Lil Turbo drops awaited TURBO BIEBER 2: Popstar Lifestyle EP. The EP is six tracks long, including previously released single ‘FELL IN LOVE </3.’ TB2 features productions from numerous producers such as Suni Vega, Lifted, Ragu, Whyceg and dontsleep.

Lil Turbo sets the tone for the entire EP with the unique poppy-sound of the first track, ‘Make You Sick.‘ We got the chance to ask Lil Turbo about the inspiration for Turbo Bieber 2. He said “I definitely got some inspiration for a lighter, more poppy sound with this second project from Justin, I’ve actually got a pop song on the project also.” And when asked about his Kill Switch Tour and upcoming shows he told us that, “I’m resuming my ‘Kill Switch’ Tour towards the end of the month,” and that he’s “Opening every show to some of the Turbo Bieber tracks…”

The rest of the EP features melodic tracks such as Lake, Slip then Slide and FingerRoll!. Turbo rounds out TB2 with Slight Diss and popular single ‘FELL IN LOVE </3’ which was released in the weeks leading up to the TB2 release.

Make sure to stream Turbo Bieber 2: Popstar Lifetyle on SoundCloud below

Turbo Bieber 2: Popstar Lifestyle by Lil Turbo

2nd Installment of the “Turbo Bieber” Series, Enjoy! Gfx: @Mimitheram Executive Engineered by: Mark Carson & Alex Hoopr

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