FWM – Jefe Replay (Music Video)

Boston artist Jefe Replay has just released a music video for “FWM”, a song off of his project “Proper Finnesements” which dropped back in February.

This M9Visuals production is an interesting representation of the lifestyle Jefe Replay has been living for the past few months. Numerous locations are used, and the manner in which they are included is undeniably unique. For example; initially, Replay can be seen walking up and down the beaches of Malibu, glass in hand. But then, out of nowhere, the literal flip of a physical switch somehow drops Replay onto a skateboard in the streets of Hollywood. These location changes within California, along with more in both Florida and Boston, allow viewers to catch a glimpse of what is to be expected when living as a full time play-maker. The content of Replay’s lyrics and what they represent are M9’s main focus throughout the music video, and overall he does an amazing job in conveying the message that both “Proper Finnesements” and “FWM” embody.

Wether it be in Florida, California , or New England, Jefe Replay has undoubtedly established himself as a global leader in the art of hustling. Check out the music video for “FWM” below and let us know what you think!


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