“Pow!” – OG Swaggerdick (EP)

On March 20th, OG Swaggerdick put forth a 3 song EP titled “Pow!”. Despite calling Boston home, this project is a compilation of tracks recorded by Swaggerdick on a recent trip to California.

A surprise release, “Pow!” is essentially a reflection of the spontaneous persona OG Swaggerdick has solidified through social media. Somewhat provocative adlibs back both comical and creative bars on all three of the tracks. However, despite the often playful nature he embraces in the studio and on Instagram, “Pow!” is not to be taken lightly by any means. Entirely produced by Ducko McFli, the beats that Swagerdick uses on “Pow!” are filled with pounding bass hits that demand the attention of those listening. “FaceOff”, the third track off of the EP, contains a sound that is most comparable to a futuristic laser gun firing beams of light, and the creative use of this sound effect is arguably the highlight of the whole project.

Pow!” is a prime example of what controlled, artistic chaos sounds like, and it proves how unafraid OG Swaggerdick is of stepping outside the box artistically. You can listen to “Pow!” through the link below.


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