PK Delay Drops 100th Song of 2019; ‘I CANT QUIT’

At the beginning of 2019, PK Delay set out to deliver us a song a day for the entire year, 100 days in, he shows no signs of slowing down. Coming on the 100th day of 2019, PK Delay delivers us ‘I CANT QUIT,’ featuring a production from D_VNTE. The track embodies what PK has done for the 99 days prior, displaying his lyricism and unmatched flow.

PK took to twitter yesterday to reflect on the first 100 days of his mission. He said, “I see something right now releasing this music. Testing myself & testing my dedication to the music.” and went on to say, “When day 365 hit, [I don’t know] where I’ll be, but I have so much music out right now I just want the catalogue to speak. I’m still chasin’ the dream.” Its clear to see how focused PK is, and we all can’t wait to hear the songs that’ll be dropping throughout the rest of the year.

You can stream ‘I CANT QUIT’ here, and you can check out all 100 of PK Delay’s tracks of 2019, including favorites, ‘Splash Alcoholic,’ and ‘Started,’ which features NFL-star RB, Le’Veon Bell.

365 DAYS 365 SONGS by Pk Delay

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